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Antique Cockshutt Tractor: Cockshutt 30

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The Cockshutt 30 was the first Canadian tractor that was tested in the Nebraska Tractor Tests. This same tractor was sold in the United States as the Co-op E3 or as the Farmcrest 30 tractor.

Cockshutt 30 Tractor

Do you have any comments or questions about this tractor? Ever use one? Know anyone who owned one? If so, please join in on the discussion below. Use the form for entering your comments.

Comments on this Tractor

steve gordon wrote on Tuesday, September 10, 2013 (PDT):
  • looking for a starter for a 540 cocksutt delco #1108073
    Jason wrote on Tuesday, June 25, 2013 (PDT):
  • yes i have a toy 30 for sale contact me
    Barbara Kasmiski wrote on Saturday, May 18, 2013 (PDT):
  • does anyone know where I can find a cockshutt 30 1950 toy tractor my husband restored the big tractor, ertl took measurements of it, we had a 1/16th model, and after my husband died, it was missing. I would like to replace it. thank you.
    hennie stokesh wrote on Monday, May 06, 2013 (PDT):
  • I want to know if some body can tell me where are the batteries normally fitted on a Cockshutt model 30. Thanks forhelp.
    Lucien Hamernik wrote on Saturday, December 03, 2011 (PST):
  • Can someone tell me what were the original specifications and manufacturer for Cockshutt 30 model tires Thanks.
    James c mcguire wrote on Thursday, July 07, 2011 (PDT):
  • My dad has a Cockshutt30 1952 NEEDS A CARBURATOR to be shipped to canada CARB.MODEL ZENITH-10432A Can anyone outthere HELP ME
    myron taylor wrote on Friday, December 24, 2010 (PST):
  • My grandfather had a 30 C. around 50 s 60s then got rid of it on something else. His name was Stanley Taylor. Lived in Birchton Quebec. Like to know where that tractor every got to, if I knew I d try to buy it but it s proably scrape long ago. Some day I ll find another to buy, first tractor I every drove.
    TW Hertel wrote on Saturday, December 11, 2010 (PST):
  • I have several E-3 s and they are real nice machines. I am working on an Cockshutt 20 and am in need of transmission gears. I pretty well have a complete tractor with a motor that was rebuilt from head to toe. The tranmssion sat for years with water in it and the gears are badly pitted. Any help would be greatly appreaciated.
    Tom Bible wrote on Saturday, May 08, 2010 (PDT):
  • Ware can I get parts for my model 30 cockshutt New or used. Thank you. T B
    Norman MacCrimmon wrote on Tuesday, December 15, 2009 (PST):
  • I have four twin city 17-28,s and will be listing three of them for sale in the spring. they are not running ,and are not seized.I do need a manual for these tractors.What are they worth
    dick schley wrote on Sunday, December 06, 2009 (PST):
  • Kay, if you still have the e-3 coop come up with a price and maybe I ll be interested, thank you. P.S. sorry to hear about your husband
    LLMorehouse wrote on Thursday, December 03, 2009 (PST):
    Steve Jones wrote on Friday, May 15, 2009 (PDT):
  • I have what I beleave is a 1952 co-op E-3 the serial # is 3030816 can any one tell me if the serial # sounds good or not.
    Chee wrote on Wednesday, June 25, 2008 (PDT):
  • I would like to get the color for a sickle more I think it was made around late 50 s. Made by Cockshut. It was pushed in a pile and my brother and I rescued it. And want to restore it and put it on the front lawn. There is a rake and a plow from around the same time as well. The Plow can be restored as well. But the rake is to badly damaged ; Can you help me with the colors looks like the wheels were a cream color That is all I can tell I was going to go with my imagination for the rest.
    George Mayer wrote on Sunday, June 15, 2008 (PDT):
  • I have a 1952 model 30 cockshutt and when you run down the road the rear end makes a constant whining noise,but when y ou push in the clutch it stops. What can I do to fix it
    Bill Beadles wrote on Monday, May 26, 2008 (PDT):
  • All you need to do is buy the magazine Cockshutt - The Complete Story . It has paint colots and codes. Bill Beadles
    jim wrote on Thursday, March 13, 2008 (PDT):
  • I need to know the name or shade for the original orange color of a co-op E3 sold in the united states in 1946. I would appreciate any help you can give..
    Terry Krueger wrote on Monday, March 10, 2008 (PDT):
  • I am restoring a 1949 Co-op 3. Can anyone tell me what colors were the original colors From my research it looks like a reddish orange with cream color wheels, etc. Please let me know if anyone knows the true colors or a paint code Thank you!!! Terry
    Joe King wrote on Sunday, September 30, 2007 (PDT):
  • I bought a 30 from a retired farmer it had tree growing around the front axle and wheel. I need engine for it.Will take complete parts tractor
    Kay Schmitt wrote on Monday, August 27, 2007 (PDT):
  • I have a 1948 E3 Co-op tractor. My husband passed away last Oct and planning to restore this tractor this last winter. It has been shedded for 13 yrs. He had it running 2 years ago. It is in good shape. Does anyone know what it might be worth. Thanks Kay Schmitt
    Isaac Reichert wrote on Friday, July 20, 2007 (PDT):
  • I have a 1957 Cockshutt Blackhawk 35 wide front end. I was wondering how rare this tractor is and what is the paint codes for it.
    ken butterworth wrote on Thursday, July 19, 2007 (PDT):
  • I am looking for a 1954 cockshutt 20 with a wide front end. i sold it feb. 1961 at my granfather s farm sale to go to college. I am now retired from teaching school and want the tractor back to use on my dad s farm. The sale was near Waynesville, ohio 45068. Located between dayton and Cincinnati Ohio My name is ken butterworth 2821 wilmington road lebanon,ohio 45036 phone 513-932-1837 Any help would be appreciated! I know it is long shot.
    ken butterworth wrote on Thursday, July 19, 2007 (PDT):
  • I am looking for a 1954 cockshutt 20 with a wide front end. i sold it feb. 1961 at my granfather s farm sale to go to college. I am now retired from teaching school and want the tractor back to use on my dad s farm. The sale was near Waynesville, ohio 45068. Located between dayton and
    Lisa Kerner wrote on Thursday, October 05, 2006 (PDT):
  • My father is looking for the paint numbers and where to purchase paint for a 1947 cocksutt that he is restoring. As a young man he owned this tractor and then sold it and had the oppertunity to repurchase it again a few years ago.
    Dave Tape wrote on Thursday, August 24, 2006 (PDT):
  • Have a 1951 CO-OP E-3 Row Crop Tractor that has been in the family since 1951 when purchased new. Runs like new and we use it to bush hog the property. Also have a two row mounted cultivator that is designed to mount on the frame of this tractor that I would like to sell if anyone is interested in restoring it and mounting it on a restored tractor. Both are on the farm in southern Indiana.
    Greg Borders wrote on Friday, July 21, 2006 (PDT):
  • We have a Coop E3 that still runs. We are interested in selling the tractor which I believe was purchased new by my father in the early 1940's.
    Richard Silver wrote on Friday, June 02, 2006 (PDT):
  • I have been looking for a manifold and other parts for a 1953 Cockshutt 50 serial #924. If anyone knows where I can find these please contact me. I want to get this tractor going. Thanks
    Gene Elliott wrote on Sunday, May 14, 2006 (PDT):
  • I'm the proud 2nd owner of a 1950 Cockshutt 30 E-3 ,narrow front that runs and operates fine ,it was found at a dealer that had taken it in on a new tractor deal.The tin is practically unblimished ,I regrounded the lights and they work fine. I have no use for the tractor ,only storing it till I can sell it ,so contact me if you want to buy a nice Model 30 , we can negosiate a selling price.
    Jared Keller wrote on Friday, May 05, 2006 (PDT):
  • I have a 1947 Cock-Shutt that I am selling. Serial 47-30-2134. Factory hydraulics. Good shape, sat in a barn for 14 years, ran up til then. Contact me for pictures & pricing.
    ron wrote on Thursday, April 13, 2006 (PDT):
  • I am looking for a rear rim for a cockshutt 30, also want to know what is suppose to be hooked up to the top of the valve cover. 402 375 0209
    Donna Babcock, wrote on Sunday, February 26, 2006 (PST):
  • Our Club, Platte valley Antique Machinery Association, will be having its 23rd Annual Antique machinery working Show July 8 and 9, 2006 south of Hastings, Nebraska. We are featuring Oliver, Co-op and Cockshutt tractors (there will be others on display as well). I found the history of Oliver tractors, where can I go to find the history of the Co-ops and Cockshutts. I wish to print this information in our monthly newsletter. For more information on our show email me direct to receive a flyer by mail or go to our web site at This is a two day show. Thanks for your help.
    cody rouse wrote on Monday, January 09, 2006 (PST):
  • want some info on cockshutt 30 tractors for school project
    Rick Janiszewski wrote on Tuesday, December 13, 2005 (PST):
  • Is $1800.00 a good price for a 30? Not sure what year it is but it has hydraulics and it runs and doesn"t look too bad.
    Brandon Thoennes wrote on Friday, July 29, 2005 (PDT):
  • I am in the market for a Cockshutt 30, and was wondering if anyone in the West Coast area had one for sale. I am looking for a restoration project, but i dont want one that is completely restored, just one that is restorable. Thanks, Brandon Thoennes
    PAT PETERS wrote on Sunday, July 10, 2005 (PDT):
    jeremy wrote on Sunday, May 22, 2005 (PDT):
  • I am looking for paint codes for a 1952 e3 coop. Just wondering if anyone can help.
    Jacob Fearday wrote on Sunday, April 24, 2005 (PDT):
  • I have just got a 1949 Co-Op E3 and was wondering if any one had much information on this tractor. I was also looking for parts for this tractor like a seat ,battery box and other parts if anyone has any information please contact me at jfearday84 at or 1-217-895-3156 Thanks
    Bob Parks wrote on Tuesday, March 15, 2005 (PST):
  • I finally found a cockshutt 30. If you know where to buy parts, please give me some help. I am still looking for a cockshutt 20 Thanks
    Keith Smith wrote on Tuesday, March 08, 2005 (PST):
  • I am looking for someone with a old tractor in kentucky that they would give away for the powell county FFA chapter to restore
    Brad Perkins wrote on Tuesday, February 22, 2005 (PST):
  • I am looking for a picture of the carburetor linkage for the Cockshutt 30. I need to see the linkage on both the front and back so I tell exactly what the governor hook up should be like. Can anybody email me a photo or scan a page from a manual and email that. I have shop manual but it does not show me the connection for the Gov. linkage at the throttle shaft arm (which I am missing). Please
    Danny Hoover wrote on Wednesday, January 26, 2005 (PST):
  • I started restoring allis chalmer tractors about two years ago. I purchased a cockshutt 30 here in South Carolina. The tractor had not been running in 30 some odd years but I lucked up and got it running like a top. The question I have, does cockshutt have a data book like the other tractors have for more additional information? If so where can I purchase a book. Thanks for any help.
    brian maddox wrote on Monday, October 11, 2004 (PDT):
  • i have an e-3 co-op for sale it is all original and extremly clean. It was always sheded, it was bought new by my grandfather in 1946.also have original manuals that go with it. MAKE OFFER!!!!
    Bob Parks wrote on Monday, September 27, 2004 (PDT):
  • I would like to purchase a cockshutt 20 or 30. I would like for the tractor to be in pretty good condition. Also preferably a wide front. Thanks Bob Parks Booneville, AR (479) 675-6115
    JOE LEINBACH wrote on Saturday, July 24, 2004 (PDT):
    Roger Levoy wrote on Wednesday, July 21, 2004 (PDT):
  • Desperately looking for points for a 1250 cockshut tractor. Apparently they are discontinued but managed to locate the make and order number "Marelli DU2142". Points are for a four cylinder gas fiat engine. Any help from anyone would be appreciated.
    Derrick Blacquiere wrote on Friday, July 09, 2004 (PDT):
  • My father had a 30 way in the back yard that he use many years ago in the woods. It had been sitting there for three years cents it was started last os I said to him can I have the old tractor in the back yard ;well what are you going to do with it he said; give it some new life I said. The next day I went down to the old tractor with some gas and a battery the starter was ceased up so I had to use the hand crank well three turns of the crank and the way she went and i drove it home five miles away.Now I have it sitting my garage going though the process of rebuilding it.I will let you now how it turns out
    Craig wrote on Monday, June 21, 2004 (PDT):
  • I have a Cockshutt 30 for sale as well. I do not know how much it worth so if you can offer me some help.
    Jean wrote on Monday, May 03, 2004 (PDT):
  • Do you know where is the name "Cockshutt" come from ?
    Lyle Arran wrote on Monday, April 26, 2004 (PDT):
  • I have a Cockshutt 30 for sale if anyone is interested. It runs good with live pto but needs paint. $600 can.PH.204 532-2004
    Bob Hauswirth wrote on Friday, April 02, 2004 (PST):
  • Cockshutt was a Canadian company manufacturing plows when it was first formed. Cockshutt sold both Allis Chalmers tractors amd Oliver thractors under its name in its history. My Father had two Chockshutt 99 and I still have the newest one in my storage shed. It was an Oliver 99 painted Cockshutt red and with Cockshutt cast in the upper radiator tank. Oliver had Oliver there and was painted green. There were an number of Cockshutt tractors in this area of Canada (East of Calgary) and were all Olivers models 70, 80, 90 and 99. In the late 1940's Chockshut built it's own tractor the model 30. It was a nice little tractor but without some of the features Ford had such as a three point hitch. Because of this and it's size it was not a big seller in this area. I am looking for parts for my Cockshutt99/Oliver99 such as a rebuilt Marvel Shebler carbureator and a generator.
    Pius Brossart wrote on Saturday, March 20, 2004 (PST):
  • To Robert Eutsler ; I have a book on Serial Numbers and that number is a 1951. Am looking for a Cockshut 20 and an Oliver 60. I live in Sask., Canada.
    Robert Eutsler wrote on Sunday, March 14, 2004 (PST):
  • I have a CO-OP E3 Serial # 30-30661 Does anyone know the year model. This # came off of the left side of the main frame. If anyone out there can help me find out the year this tractor is it would be greatly appreciated.
    Joe Dirte wrote on Saturday, January 17, 2004 (PST):
  • Go to Canada
    Mike Case wrote on Thursday, January 15, 2004 (PST):
  • where is a good place to get decals for my cockshutt 30 and how about help in aquiring the right paint..still dont know the year model but the tractor has 4 spoke (large) steering wheel and also foot and hand clutch...8 point rear rims. .got her running but she needs dinging to get it good....also has a blue leon all hydralic loader that looks very good and works good...may sell in the spring the way it is--if interested I can send you a picture......thanks Mike
    duke wrote on Thursday, January 01, 2004 (PST):
  • I bought my 30 this fall.It runs great,I use it in the bush.The live PTO doesn't shut off any suggestions?
    Mike Case wrote on Tuesday, December 30, 2003 (PST):
  • to Bill---thanks for getting back with me.....I checked it out and dont see anything that is stamped there..looks at one time maybe there was a decal like sticker there....but is gone now....there are other stamp numbers on the outside of the trans area. also #'s on the engine plate....thanks for your help
    Bill wrote on Saturday, December 20, 2003 (PST):
  • To Mike; The serial number will be on the left side as you sit on the seat beside the engine on the tub that the engine sits in. It should stamped and may include the year. The year will be first and the serial number after. We have the serial numbers if you do not find the year and we can help you out. We would need the number off the tub. Good luck.
    Bill wrote on Saturday, December 20, 2003 (PST):
  • We have a Canadian Co-op E3 done up to the nines in the Canadian Orange colours with black decaling. We also have a narrow front Co-op E3 that is running well but is not yet repainted. We got the colour from under the front hood and matched these colours perfectly. This tractor has been done up for at least 10 years. My wife loves to drive "Ethyle" because she is so unique!
    Bill wrote on Saturday, December 20, 2003 (PST):
  • We have a Canadian Co-op E3 done up to the nines in the Canadian Orange colours with black decaling. We also have a narrow front Co-op E3 that is running well but is not yet repainted. We got the colour from under the front hood and matched these colours perfectly. This tractor has been done up for at least 10 years. My wife loves to drive "Ethyle" because she is so unique!
    Mike Case wrote on Friday, December 05, 2003 (PST):
  • Also the engine is stuck-----any suggestions as to freeing it up......thanks
    Mike Case wrote on Friday, December 05, 2003 (PST):
  • I just bought a cockshutt 30 and was wondering if the serial # for the tractor was on the engine block or do I look elsewhere....there are 3 different stamped numbers on a tag affixed to the engine.
    John wrote on Tuesday, November 25, 2003 (PST):
  • my dad had a E-3 was his main tractor til 1967. we now have 4 in the family they're a good tractor.
    JIM LELM wrote on Friday, November 07, 2003 (PST):
    Darrin Louden wrote on Monday, September 01, 2003 (PDT):
  • My Uncle bought an E-3 several years ago,he had been looking for one for a long time.When I told him about the tractor I had found he kept saying I had come across a Cockshutt.He was wrong it was a CO-OP.
    Blaine Vernal wrote on Friday, August 29, 2003 (PDT):
  • I have a co-op E3,I used it to farm for 8 years,I now have a new ford and don't use the co-op anymore.Anybody want it? I live 25 miles west of Detroit,call me at 248-212-8580
    Troy Langworthy wrote on Saturday, May 24, 2003 (PDT):
  • I have a co-op E3 that I found at an abanded farm some one dismanteled the engine and left it need another engine any help ?
    Terry Stover wrote on Tuesday, May 20, 2003 (PDT):
  • 17 Years ago I purchased an old tractor cheap, as the add said. But only recently did I realize it is a Cockshutt 540. I have used it on my small horse farm the past 17 years, and am now interested in restoring it. Is there a place that I can see photos of a 540 of how it should look and the paint colors?
    James C Russell wrote on Monday, April 07, 2003 (PDT):
  • Recently bought a CO-OP E3 don/t know anything about it but it seem to run pretty good. Ithas live power & two speed. I would to find a picture of one to see how they were painted also the correct color and the decals. If Keith A McClure wood email me wood be appreciated also need a owner/s manuel. It is sopposed to be a late forty. email at jamar at
    Marvin Becker wrote on Sunday, March 30, 2003 (PST):
  • I have purchased a 1949 Cockshutt "30" Ineed repair manuals and paint spects
    Randy Witney wrote on Monday, March 10, 2003 (PST):
  • I recently purchased a Cockshutt 35 and have been unable to find any info on it. Can somebody help me .
    Denny Wolf wrote on Monday, February 10, 2003 (PST):
  • Grew up on a farm in South Dakota in 60s, had John Deere large tractors, but had a Cockshutt 30 live pto, used to pull 2 side delivery rakes, 36 ft. drag, main use was in the winter -35, -45 below would always start, if not hand crank would fire right up. Great tractor, many happy memories.
    gordon miller wrote on Tuesday, January 28, 2003 (PST):
  • iworked for a service man i 1950 in saskatoon sask i was also a dealer until 1956 the model 30 came first the 30 was a first modern tractor at the time first live pto i sold maney and had no complaints
    Lee Cozad wrote on Monday, December 23, 2002 (PST):
  • I own a 48'Cockshutt 30.The Pto does not work correctly. Anyone out there who knows of overhaul parts and service manuals for this tractor. Greatly apprectiated.
    Luke Erpelding wrote on Saturday, December 21, 2002 (PST):
  • I own a Cockshutt 30, that i need fenders for i traded it a cushman truckster for it. Im 15 and need parts to have a complete resto.The parts I need are;A set of fenders, carburetor,and an original seat. If you have these parts PLEASE contact me at (260)-749-4056. I live in Indiana, Ask for luke.
    Glenn Rensink wrote on Tuesday, November 26, 2002 (PST):
  • I am interested in knowing where I could find a cockshut tractor in running condition. ARE THERE ANY OUT THERE?
    Pat Brown wrote on Tuesday, November 05, 2002 (PST):
  • My grandfather farmed near Bark River MI. He had two Coop E3's, a 1947 and a 1948. One I know he bought new. He also had a Model 50 that he bought new that was a Cockshutt. That one was sold at auction around 1962 when he semi-retired getting out of dairy cows. Baled a lot of hay behind the E3.
    Donald Hamblin wrote on Saturday, August 31, 2002 (PDT):
  • Last year i finnished restoring a 48'Co-op E-3 and sold it for $1050, it ran and had new paint with pretty good tin. I almost entered up in a pull but got in the wrong class and missed my run. it should have been in the 4500# class. many pull assoc dont have a class that small but ask the feller running the show and if you get a few to run with you some times the'll let it fly. to get my paint colors i matched some paint on the engine side of the air filter.. it seemed to be the most original with no sun fading. i got my decals through Recovery Specialties up in Canada. If ya have any questions let me know and ill see if i can help.. im from Hayward Wisconsin.
    Bruce Turner wrote on Sunday, August 25, 2002 (PDT):
  • I bought a retired 30 twenty years ago and used it to bush hog 13 acres 3 or 4 times a year. The only time I had trouble with it, was when water got down the exaust pipe one winter and rusted one cylinder bad. I freed it up changed the rings in that cylinder and ran it another 10 years with absolutely no trouble. I am told the old girl is worth as much now as when I bought it. I would like to see it restored but I have no patience with that kind of stuff.
    mike johnson wrote on Saturday, August 17, 2002 (PDT):
  • I have a cockshutt 30 that the pto slips and will not shut off. How do I fix this problem. I restored this tractor and use in tractor pulls in Southern Indiana. It pulls in 5500 lbs class but we're to small to win just having fun. I must dyno tractor or they won't let me pull. Any ideas would greatly be used. Thanks
    jason lanham wrote on Friday, August 02, 2002 (PDT):
  • Looking for parts for a cockshutt 30 model. Trying to restore one. Right now focusing on engine parts. Also spoke wheeles for a John Deer B 1935.
    Don wrote on Monday, July 29, 2002 (PDT):
  • My father-in-law purchased a CockShutt 30 and Cockshutt 20 to restore. He is having difficulty locating a paint color for them. Just wondering if anyone has the paint color for either of these tractors.
    keith groves wrote on Tuesday, July 16, 2002 (PDT):
  • have a 1948 #30 cockshutt looking for a good waterpump or a rebuild kit or places to find
    philip wellman wrote on Monday, May 13, 2002 (PDT):
  • we bought and restored a 30 cockshutt 2 years ago . a great canadian made tractor the classic styling really sticksout at a tractor show.canadian engineering made a superior tractor.
    Paul M. Field wrote on Wednesday, January 23, 2002 (PST):
  • I own a cockshutt 30 and am trying to sell it , I need to know the best place to advertise,and also a way of finding the year. It runs great and has a front end loader on it. I live in Bancroft , Ontario
    James Gosselin wrote on Tuesday, January 15, 2002 (PST):
  • My first tractor was a Cockshutt 30. I bought it from a retiring farmer that was looking to find it a good home. It was almost a year before I knew the actual year and model. That made finding parts interesting. Although not a mechanic, I got it running. I buzz around the property with it. Makes me want to own a farm.
    Jennifer Ohnstad wrote on Tuesday, November 20, 2001 (PST):
  • My dad owns two Cockshutt tractors--a Cockshutt 30 and a Cockshutt Golden Arrow. They are definitely his "babies". They are in great shape, and they both run great, too, as he is a retired diesel mechanic. He uses both of them on his farm in North Dakota. I believe he is planning to restore both of them at some point in his life, but for now, he is using them around the farm. They are not ready for retirement yet. They definitely get the job done, and he is very proud of them.
    M. Urelius wrote on Sunday, September 23, 2001 (PDT):
  • Hello, i currently own 2 30's one is a farmcrest. I bought the farmcrest for $800 at a sale about 6 years ago in Lohrville IA. The other was given to my dad from his uncle for restoring a farmall super m, he gave it to me since i already had one. The farmcrest was repainted about 5 years ago but i still havent found decals for it. If you know where i might get them please let me know. It runs and looks like new. I use it to pull wagons in from the field in the fall and take it to plowing nearby plowing festivals a few times a year. I usually pull a 3 bottom John Deere w/ 14 inch bottoms in 3rd Low. I have 2 100pound weights on each wheel and put 4 IH suitcase weights on the drawbar when plowing. In packed ground it tends to run out of power have to shift down a gear. Does anyone know how many bottoms this tractor was designed to pull? Also ive had problems w/ the steering, it is quite hard to steer and the front wheels wobble a tiny bit at higher speeds. Has anyone else had this problem? The model 30 seems to have a lot of power for its size, if i remember right mine has 32hp at the pto last time i had it on the dyno. They seem to be a little light though, mine was helpless untill i added the wheel weights, which seem hard to find.
    Mike Pellerin wrote on Monday, September 10, 2001 (PDT):
  • Hi, my name is Mike, and I have a 1958 cockshutt that my father bougth in 58, he has passed away in 1996 and I really want to restore it to it's original state. I don't know the model only the year it was purchased, can anyone help me find the rigth parts for it or direct me to a catalog where I could look it up, this has reat sentimental value to me, Thanks, MIke
    MIKE CASE wrote on Saturday, August 04, 2001 (PDT):
    Don Fenton wrote on Wednesday, July 11, 2001 (PDT):
  • I'am about to go pick up my father inlaws (1949) model 30 cockshutt in n.y. and hull it to s.c. I am wondering about the weight and the width in order to hull it on a trailer. If you know, could sure ude the info. thanks.
    DEVIL wrote on Sunday, July 08, 2001 (PDT):
  • I remember using one of these when I used to haul poop out of the barn. It sure was a tits old tractor.
    Mike Elton wrote on Wednesday, July 04, 2001 (PDT):
  • I am looking for a E3 or E4 running or loose for a project with my grandfather. If you have something that you think would be for me and is within a couple hours of sioux city,IA or Omaha, NE please give me an email and we can talk. Thanks!
    Jud Lupkes wrote on Wednesday, June 13, 2001 (PDT):
  • I am resoring a 30 I pulled out of the grove after 23 years of weather. I need a different block for the Buda 4B153. Anybody within a few hours of Brainerd, MN.
    duane johnson wrote on Tuesday, June 12, 2001 (PDT):
  • i have a 1955 30 series cockshutt and all i really would like to try is to change to a wide from narrow is it possible on this year and series and how and what do i need too do it, or would it be feasible to widen the rear axle substantially. i am very inexperienced and cost is prohibitive. any ideas welcome. even if i leave it original i am proud to own the pioneering leader in all farm tractors. i read the operators manual and marvel at the simple but excellent technology involved in this gem.
    Jon Mason wrote on Sunday, April 22, 2001 (PDT):
  • Have '48 E3 and need clutch parts for it. Great running tractor but I need help. I would prefer new parts, but of course who would'nt. I will take all help. Thanks.
    Dave Allen wrote on Sunday, April 15, 2001 (PDT):
  • I purchased a Cockshutt 60 Row Crop (1941) in 1999. I have been retoring it ever since. It is nearly finished. My interest in the tractor comes from growing up on a family farm in eastern Canada. P.E.I. My father has his original Cockshutt 60 (1948) which he still uses around the farm to this day! I live and work in Regina Sask Canada.
    J.Leo Chartrand wrote on Thursday, April 12, 2001 (PDT):
  • I have a 1950 Cockshutt 30,it is like a new one, I spended time and money to make look like it. it was my baby, but now, I am looking for an other toy. So it is for sale. I live in Canada, and my phone number is (450)829-3141 It is possible to get a photo of my tractor by e-mail
    Murray Davis wrote on Sunday, April 01, 2001 (PDT):
  • Hello from Westfield, New Brunswick. Just letting you folks know that I am restoring a 1953 Cockshutt 20 ser.#2011. I also have a 1957 Cockshutt 20 ser. #30067 both with wide front ends. Nearby there is a 20 with narrow front end ser. # 350.
    Bob Dobrzynski wrote on Monday, March 26, 2001 (PST):
  • I restored a Cockshutt 30 tractor and enjoyed doing it. My Grandpa had both the E-3 and the 30 he said they were good running tractors. I have a parts tractor and I have someone that what to buy one of the rear rims. How much do you think you would ask for it? It's in good shape have any idea? Thank You!!
    Ella McFetridge.. wrote on Monday, March 12, 2001 (PST):
  • A friend has a wonderful workhorse of a tractor a Cockshutt-540. this is all he knows about this tractor,he has had it many years.bought if many years ago,restored it and has worked it every since. But he would like some information on it..Please, Thank you
    Dennis O. Rinehart wrote on Saturday, December 09, 2000 (PST):
  • My father farmed with the Co-Op 20 and 30 in addition to the Cockshutts 20 and 30. He had narrow-front tractors. Cockshutt [sold as Co-Op in the USE via the Farm Bureau] was one of the first tractors to have a live power take-off. Dad used his CO-OP 20 and 30 in Tractor pulls at County fairs. Their power gave him many ribbons. No I am desparately looking for 1/16 scale models of these tractors for a farm tractor collection for future grandchildren. My parents have died. I want to keep telling our farm-family story. Having these tractor models would be wonderful for me. If anyone knows what I inquire about purchasing these 1/16 scale models, please write me; Dennis at Thanks!
    Eric Frederick wrote on Thursday, November 30, 2000 (PST):
  • Where do I find the serial number on a co-op e-3? Thanks in advance.
    adam gosnell wrote on Friday, October 20, 2000 (PDT):
  • did you leave it a 6 volt
    Eric Frederick wrote on Friday, October 06, 2000 (PDT):
  • To Gilbert Ray. Sorry dont have them.
    Rick Ross wrote on Tuesday, October 03, 2000 (PDT):
  • Can anyone tell me why some Cockshutt 30 tractors are displayed with the rivets on the wide front end wheels to the outside as opposed to placing the rims on with the rivets on the inside. I have restored mine with the rivets on the inside however the vavle stems likewise are on the inside. To date no one can give me an answer to this question that makes any sense. I'm fussy about this sort of detail and would like to hear from someone who knows.
    Rick Ross wrote on Tuesday, October 03, 2000 (PDT):
  • Can anyone tell me why some Cockshutt 30 tractors are displayed with the rivets on the wide front end wheels to the outside as opposed to placing the rims on with the rivets on the inside. I have restored mine with the rivets on the inside however the vavle stems likewise are on the inside. To date no one can give me an answer to this question that makes any sense. I'm fussy about this sort of detail and would like to hear from someone who knows.
    Gilbert Ray wrote on Monday, October 02, 2000 (PDT):
  • Eric Frederick_I need both sides of the front grill. Both tractors have the same grill. Do you have them and would you sell them? How much? Thank you.
    Eric Frederick wrote on Friday, September 29, 2000 (PDT):
  • I have e-3 co-op running tractor and a cockshut 30 parts tractor , be interested in selling various pieces off of the cockshut.
    Jim Weber wrote on Friday, September 15, 2000 (PDT):
  • Hi all - great site - I'm looking for the drow bar horse power of the 30 ?? please e-mail me my dad still works his - I think it's his biggest tractor ;) Thanks
    Ron Kohls wrote on Sunday, August 13, 2000 (PDT):
  • I am trying to locate a Cockshott thirty that was purchased at the John Trybula Auction at Thorp Wisconsin about October of 1993.
    Dusty M. Erickson wrote on Saturday, August 12, 2000 (PDT):
  • Also any leads on a belt pulley for a Cockshutt (Oliver) 60 RC would be appreciated. 480-948-1644
    Dusty M. Erickson wrote on Saturday, July 29, 2000 (PDT):
  • I know this tractor is not a Cockshutt 30, but maybe you Cockshutt collectors in western Canada could assist me. I recently purchased a Cockshutt 60 RC (Oliver) and need help in transporting it to Arizona within the next year from Vancouver area. If any winter visitors are heading south, could you offer suggestions ? dusty erickson 480-948-1644 or dusty at
    Tracy Edwards wrote on Tuesday, July 25, 2000 (PDT):
  • My husband just purchased a Cockshutt "30". The only serial number I can find is 30-48-16938. I can't seem to match it up to a year but it looks pretty much like the one in the picture above but it also has a frontend loader. The only trouble my husband is having with it is the battery doesn't seem to be charging. My husband is very mechanically inclined but he can't figure out why it doesn't charge. Anyone with any info on how to service this machine would be greatly appreciated.
    Charlie wrote on Tuesday, July 18, 2000 (PDT):
  • I own a Cockshutt 30 with the wide frontend. It used to have a frontend loader on it. Do you know ho many of these were made.
    Ann Noah wrote on Sunday, July 02, 2000 (PDT):
  • We are in the process of restoring a 1946 Co-op E3 tractor. Because there are little to no records of Co-ops being built in 1946 we are having trouble finding a picture or any information about the placement of the decals for the tractor. If anyone could help us it would be greatly appreciated. We would be happy to send anyone interested a picture of the finished project, minus the decals at this point. Thank you.
    John Warwick wrote on Sunday, July 02, 2000 (PDT):
  • I have a cockshutt 30 1947. I restored it and transfered it over to 12 volt because it was getting to expensive to buy the regulator .I'm north of Montreal Canada.I used a delco alternator which I picked up at local scap yard .It makes all the difference in the world for starting it.
    ted korona wrote on Tuesday, May 23, 2000 (PDT):
  • i have recently bought a cockshut 30 that has a 3pth and power take off. the old girl starts immediately and runs well. the problem i have is, when i drained the oil i've never seen so much water mixed in. my question is how do i radify this and what kind of oil do i use(engine and trans. and gear). i am really illerate with this tractor my first. it is a gas engine.
    Antonio A. Prete wrote on Tuesday, May 09, 2000 (PDT):
  • I'm buying a 1947 cockshutt 30 which has the narrow front two wheels. Can these tractors be retro-fitted with the wide front; if so, how much?
    Paul blinn wrote on Thursday, February 24, 2000 (PST):
  • we are building a cockshutt plow that is 3 disc and we need a lot of info on it. if you wouldlike to help call 724 843 7559 and ask for charlie
    Thomas Ganzak wrote on Saturday, February 12, 2000 (PST):
  • Greetings from Michigan, I recently purchased a Cockshutt 30, late 40's, need information in regards to a starting problem. Once tractor is running, it runs great, but has problem initially starting. It does not fire right away, have already changed points and tuned up. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
    Fred Howland wrote on Sunday, February 06, 2000 (PST):
  • Greetings from New Brunswick Canada. I have a cockshutt mdl 35 in very good cond.I dont see mush info. on your listings value etc. I also have a 20 and a 30 in excellent cond welcome any enq. on any of these tractors.
    JIM BLAKE wrote on Sunday, January 30, 2000 (PST):
  • I have acockshutt 30 gas with underdrive. It is one of the fastes tractors I,v seen. Good tractor to work with. I would like to know how to adjust pto clutch,mine drags and wont stop when disengaged . thouse of you looking for A 30 I saw A net add last week. Jim Cobb ,barton vt. 802 525 4032 I don`t wont to sell mine. Would like to try it in the tractor pull. Enjoy your tractors, I do. JB
    Russ Ferretto wrote on Sunday, January 16, 2000 (PST):
  • Iam Interested In geting a cockshutt 30. If you maybe able to help me please E-mail me. Iam in Reno,NV. Thank you. Russ.
    Roy Wilmoth Jr.(Butch) wrote on Thursday, January 13, 2000 (PST):
  • If there is anyone in the panhandle of Nebraska,(I live in Chappell)that has a cockshutt or CoopE3 regardless of condition that would be interested in selling or trading,I would be very interested.I know very little about tractors but have rebuilt several old auto's.I recently saw my first Cockshutt and now I would really like to try a hand at bringing one back to life.I would enjoy any tractor in that time frame but the Cockshutt is my 1st.choice.I will answer any corrspondence i recieve,Thank you neighbors.
    Keith A. McClure wrote on Thursday, January 13, 2000 (PST):
  • If you need info or decals or manuals(original & reprints) please contact me for a complete list. I have 6 Cockshutt & Coop tractors, 20 deluxe, 30LPG, Coop E4 (single front wheel),Black Hawk 50 wheatland, 40 with 454 BBC, and a 30 with a 331 Hemi. 12331 CR 316 Big Prairie, Ohio 44611.
    DAVE BAILEY wrote on Monday, December 13, 1999 (PST):
    Tom Boughner wrote on Thursday, November 11, 1999 (PST):
  • Canada Post issued a special stamp in 1996, commemorating the fiftieth anniversary of the production of the first Cockshutt 30s at their Brantford plant. The bulletin that accompanied the stamp reported the following; Cockshutt "30" Farm Tractor Cockshutt Farm Equipment Limited was founded in 1877 by James G. Cockshutt, who invented a series of implements, including the J.G.C. Sulky Plow. The firm designed tractor-pulled implements and offered a line of American-built tractors. Ending the U.S. agreement, the company decided to design and build its own line of tractors and combines. The result of their intensive development program was the Cockshutt "30" - the first tractor equipped with live power take-off and a live hydraulic system. The first "30" was produced in Brantford, Ontario, with production increasing from 400 uits in 1946 to over 17,000 in 1949. Production ceased in 1956 and the company was sold to U.S. interests in 1962. This stamp drawing featuring a farm tractor shows a standard-tread Cockshutt "30", equipped with wheel weights. Similar models are owned by collectors and museums such as the Ontario Agriculture Museum in Milton.
    Robert Ellefson wrote on Friday, September 10, 1999 (PDT):
  • I grew up on a dairy farm in northern Wisconsin (Ridgeland) and used Cockshutt tractors in the 50's and 60's. We had a COOP E-3 narrow front which when locally repainted was converted to the Cockshutt 30 colors and decals. We also bought a 1954 Cockshutt 30 with an adjustable wide front for row crop work. The standard wide front in your picture was too low to the ground to cultivate corn or beans but was good to stabilize the front end. The best feature of the tractor was the live power takeoff. It was the tractor of choice locally for running anything with a power takeoff. The tractor also had a good balance of power to weight so it's traction was remarkable. In the hills of Wisconsin the wide fron was necessary. My Father tipped over the narrow front in a sidehill with a front end loader raised. No doubt having the loader raised caused the tipping but it also made a "roll bar" which protected him; he escaped with minor bruises. WE sold the narrow front within a month. Cockshutt also made some follow on tractors; The 540 low boy; The 550 Standard (50 HP)which we had for many years in the 60's and the 560 diesel (60 HP) and there was a 570 Diesel for larger farms. These tractors were all cream colored with white logo panels. Their style was used by Oliver for their 1650, 1750 and 1850 models which weree of course green. There seems to be a lot of collectors of the 30's and 40 Cockshutts. The 550, 560, and 570 were similar workhorses that had many advanced features which John Deere and others eventually copied. I guess the Cockshutt is the SAAB of the tractor world. As a proud owner of many SAABs with their quirky but advanced engineering features, I appreciate in retrospect the advantages of Cockshutt tractors in their heyday.
    ERIC DALSHAUG wrote on Friday, June 25, 1999 (PDT):
  • I,m now a prode owner of a Model 30 Cockshutt. My uncle had a small Farm in Sask Canada, which he had Farmed from 1904 to 1982. From what Ive been, told he bought it used in the 60's. This was one of his very best Tractors he had owned. MY uncle died in the 80's and left me the Tractor. I just completed a 3500 mile journey to retrieve it and how the OLD Cockshutt has a new home in California. I will be using it on my Ranch.
    Chuck wrote on Friday, May 28, 1999 (PDT):
  • We have restored a Cockshutt #30 and it turned out very well. They are a beautiful tractor. However, ours has a Schwartz wide front on it and give a complete different appearance that the Cockshutt wide front. This one also has the live power and live PTO.
    Tim Garrison wrote on Sunday, May 16, 1999 (PDT):
  • Restoring 1946 CO-OP E3 Having trouble finding anything about these tractors found some parts such as brrakes and a hood but need grill and gas tank also need a picture of one. paid 300.00 for the tractor and it runs think I got a pretty good deal
    Ray Bertrand wrote on Tuesday, May 11, 1999 (PDT):
  • I have recently acquired a Cockshutt 60. I haven't located the serial number but know that this model was built between 1940 and 1948. If anyone has any info on this tractor I would really like to hear from you. I am looking for pictures, colour if possible Thank you Ray Bertrand
    Sam Rumade wrote on Sunday, May 02, 1999 (PDT):
  • I work for Warrick Co. Co-op in Evansville, In. We use a 30 to move anhydrous tanks when we fill them. Good old tractor.
    Lincoln Keays wrote on Wednesday, April 14, 1999 (PDT):
  • Yes I'm familiar with this tractor. My father's cousin owned a 1947 model and sold it to a neighbor of ours some time in the mid fifties. He worked it everyday almost until he passed away two years ago. The tractor, still working was sold off with the remainder of his assets, which included a 61 0r 62 Massey Ferguson.

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